Binary Biker Project

I have a deep affection for motorcycling and traveling the back roads of the northeastern and southern United States. The first Binary Biker Project began in 1994 when my best friend and colleague Dan Preda and I decided to take our motorcycles to the SIGGRAPH conference in Orlando, Florida. The primary purpose of our trip was to have fun and, since we were both digital artists, we decided to use the trip to create a CD-ROM of the journey. We spent six days traveling through Pennsylvania Dutch country, down the scenic Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, across Georgia and finally to Orlando. Along the way, we shot video, took photographs and documented our journey. It was six days of heaven. So much so, that although it rained several days in the Blue Ridge mountains, Dan exclaimed, “Bruce, we are riding through the clouds!” Tragically, Dan was killed in a motorcycle accident the day after we arrived in Orlando. It was a very difficult drive back and fortunately,
there was a motorcyclist from New York who accompanied me. When I got home, I parked my Harley in the garage and didn’t ride it for two years.

Four years later, Rick Barry of Pratt Institute and fellow board member of NYC ACM SIGGRAPH proposed that we do a Binary Bike trip in Dan’s honor. We assembled a team from SVA and Pratt, including a crew to drive along in a van equipped with a time-lapse camera on the front connected to a Mac workstation.

We took a photo every two minutes during the entire trip, along with other photographs and videos. Blogs were just starting and we uploaded our images daily as we made our way to Florida. As part of the SIGGRAPH Outreach Program, we made an effort to educate and engage people we met along the way and who were accessible through email.

It was a great trip; I took the beach route back through Georgia, South Carolina, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Cape May – Lewes Ferry and the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey. There were a lot of ferries in the Outer Banks and one of the nice things about a motorcycle is that you can pull up to the front of the line and get a small space without a reservation. I highly recommend this route either by motorcycle or car.