Current Projects

My creative projects range from multichannel music to digital folk art. I compose electroacoustic and traditional music and play all of the instruments on the recordings. My electronic music varies from multichannel works to a form of sound art that I call “audio cinema,” which include location recordings of ambient sounds that I bring into the studio and edit into a piece that highlights the musical aspects of the natural sounds. I then work in a multichannel format, generally surround sound, and layer these sounds with percussion and instrumental tracks.

The visual art I create consists mainly of digital imagery and photography (I always carry a camera with me). Sometimes I focus on a themed series of photographs or, conversely, look for that unique single image. Traveling to the same places again and again allows me to photograph a location over time, as well. One of my influences for creative writing is Jack Kerouac, and I apply his philosophy of being on the road to music, photography and storytelling. My digital art takes many forms. For the past several years I have focused on “Buddha Light Paintings,” a series based on Tibetan thangka paintings that are intricate images of Buddhist deities with a formal underlying geometric template, which defines their proportions. Using Autodesk Maya, I create volumetric lights that are attached to the geometric template and use the colors in Tibetan sand paintings to achieve abstract images.

My most recent creative explorations use traditional woodworking, 3D fabrication and CNC technology. My great uncle, Charley Porter, was a carpenter who used to make Tramp Art, which has a long history in American folk art tradition and was mainly produced from the Civil War through the Great Depression. Itinerate carpenters and woodworkers created objects from discarded wooden materials like cigar boxes and fruit crates that they sold for extra income. They were whittled into geometric patterns with chisels, and took the form of boxes, frames, and a variety of both decorative and utilitarian objects. My interest is to bring this art form into the digital age.