The Earth is Art

SVA is famous for its Subway Poster series. They are created by renowned artists who teach at the college and are exhibited throughout the New York subway stations. For several years, the poster theme was “Art is.” I realized that the word “art” is contained within the word “Earth.” This was the seed of my poster idea. I approached Silas H. Rhodes, the founder of SVA, and he liked it. This became the first computer graphics image used for these posters. We worked closely together to create an abstract image of the Earth enclosed in a frame. It was used as a subway poster and in several other SVA publications. The original digital image was exhibited in the SIGGRAPH 2003 Art Gallery, the ART AND SCIENCE International Exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Art in Beijing in 2001, the ASCI DIGITAL 2001: Our Sci-Tech World Exhibition in New York and the Silicon Gallery in Philadelphia.