The essence of photography is capturing a moment in time, as opposed to video, which records in a linear fashion. Most photography documents people, places, events and sustains memories. Fine art photography evolved out of the tradition of drawing and painting. Painting has progressed beyond representation with movements like Impressionism and Abstract Art. Digital art has likewise expanded photography through software that enables image manipulation and compositing. I approach photography from a traditional representation viewpoint and place emphasis on composition, form, lighting and content. My interest in photography began when I was in high school. My brother had set up a black and white darkroom in the basement and I started with an old Kodak camera. In college, I was a photographer for the yearbook, enjoyed sports photography and would walk around the campus, take nature hikes and make fine art photographs. As I grew older, my interest in photography waned a bit when I realized that I was spending more time behind the camera documenting life than participating in it. When I started travelling internationally, my interest in capturing the world in images was rekindled. The images I show here are a tiny sample of my work and hopefully give you some insight into how I approach photography.