Workin’ on my Harley just the other night,
the S&S carb, it was just outa sight,
and the phone rang, it was my baby.
She said, “Stop playin’ around with that thing,
and come over and drive me crazy.”

Well, I packed up my tools, put my best clothes on.
We’re goin’ down the C Note gonna have some fun
tonight, I said tonight.
They have some fine women there
and everyone says the band’s outa sight.

We’ll we got there and the place was hot.
I saw some guy and he was not,
and all of a sudden, I just went crazy,
he’s my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend and no friend of me.
Well I walked up to him and I said you better leave,
he grabbed me by the shirt and I grabbed him by the sleeve,
and all of sudden, I just went crazy.
I took out my piece and I blew that guy away.

We got on my bike and took off fast, I was free but I knew it wouldn’t last,
and all of a sudden, someone said, “You’re crazy”
You see, you just blew the president of you-know-what away.

Well I’m crazy, you know I’m crazy,
Certifiably, crazy, undeniably, crazy, totally, crazy
Oh, yeah, I’m crazy, I’m crazy, I’m crazy.