I define my poetry as verbal music. I try to capture a moment in time, an emotion or idea, and then crystallize this thought into a brief collection of rhythmically connected words. The approach is somewhat Asian in its simplicity, inviting the reader to make their own interpretation. When my creative thoughts extend themselves into a story or become more complex, they usually evolve into songs.

A Little Shy
Being Happy
Below and Above
Day in the Sun
Deja Vu
Evening Star
For Art I’m Glad
For My Angel
Guardian Angel
Heaven with Earth
Inside Out
Let Me Show You
Lost Lament
Of Poets, Musicians, and Madmen
Place in the Sky
Something New
Special Lover
The Guide
This Was To Be The Day
Times in My Life
To My Spiritual Guides
Two Artists
What You Live
Why So Few?
World of Lies