Short Stories

One of my new projects is a collection of short stories. Having traveled so much for business and played so many clubs as a musician, I have been fortunate (or not) to have met a lot of interesting characters and to share some memorable moments with them. While most of my writing as been academic and based on digital art history, theory and education, I have always wanted to delve into fiction. Songs and poems are short narrative forms, but my goal with these short stories is to take a look into human nature and what makes it so unique. I have had a few initial ideas, which are below, and hope to eventually combine these and other stories into a book.

The Reluctant Retiree

This story is somewhat autobiographical, and I have created a character who is resisting being retired and how he is coping with his new-found freedom, advancing age and the blessings and curses of the decisions he made in life.

Temple Street Treat

This story is about a brief moment I observed on the Hong Kong MTR of a young couple and their sun after they went to the Temple Street night market.

The Classic Contractor

As a homeowner, I have had my share of experiences with contractors. Sadly, most of them have been negative. One thing I have observed is that they all follow the same predictable pattern of behavior. This is a fictional account of a plumber that I regret having hired and his spiral into dishonest and unethical behavior after inheriting his father’s business, which was highly successful and respected.